What We Do

What We Do

We listen to our client’s insurance wants, needs, questions and concerns!

BRSi is committed to helping individuals and families enroll in the most affordable and comprehensive insurance coverage. Our mission is to mitigate risk by providing a thorough review of market plans and trends in order to offer the most competitive options from highly rated insurance carriers tailored to each individuals specific needs.

Our licensed insurance advisors work directly with individuals to customize an insurance package that is most suitable based on their unique goals and desires. We use innovative and resourceful ideas to develop strategies that minimize cost and provide useful insurance education.

Through our team of dedicated employees, we provide all the necessary communications and ongoing support throughout the year to make sure our clients understand and appreciate the value of the benefits they are paying for.

shutterstock_144678089-750x420Your assigned insurance advisor will serve as your single point of contact throughout your plan year and provide you with ongoing customer service.

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